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5 Day Microblading and Shading Course for Beginners




5 Days

About the Course

If you are wanting to learm how to become a PMU brow artist, I highly recommend taking this course.

This is a hybrid course where you will be learning 2 different techniques in 1 class. This is a Microblading and Shading Course- Brow Babes Studio's most popular service.

Beginner friendly with no prior experience needed. If you plan on working in the state of California, no licenses are needed

*If you are coming from out of state to take this training, please check your state's regulations*

What type of education you will recieve in this training-

  • FIVE days of hands on training from Carah- owner of Brow Babes Studio OC

  • Knowledge on how to hold your handle and microblade, and machine correctly

  • Education on skin anatomy and differing skin types

  • Education on color theory and how to apply these theories on your future client's undertones and surface tones

  • Learn Carah's microblading pattern

  • Learn 2 different shading techniques

  • Learn proper depth for microblading and shading

  • Learn how to put microblading and shading together to offer microshading to clients

  • Learn how to map clients

  • Learn body positioning while working

  • Learn proper sanitation protocol when working with open skin

  • Able to work on a model under Carah's supervision.

  • Editing skills with the apps that Carah uses

  • Business/marketing advice on how to market yourself to potential clients

What tangible items you will recieve with this training:

  • A full kit worth over $500 filled with supplies Carah uses herself on her clients with enough supplies for your first 10 clients

  • A certification upon completion for Microblading + Shading

  • BBP certification

  • Ability to come back with your first model under Carah's supervision.

Your Instructor



Carah prides herself on focusing on each student individually while teaching. Her main focus is to train her students' eyes to be able to catch all the small details that make up a beautifully structured brow. Her goal as an instructor is to push her students to reach their goals of finding their own personal brow style.

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