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Want to know what our Brow Babes have to say?

I'll start by saying, just book the appointment with Carah. It's a no brainer! All I walk around telling everyone is, "I wish I would have done my eyebrows sooner!" I am a simple girl who doesnt like to do my makeup everyday so now that I have my brows microbladed and shaded I dont have to worry about having incomplete brows that didnt complement my lash extensions. Not only did my eyebrows come out amazing but the entire process was a breeze. Carah makes you feel so comfortable, answers all your questions, gives you so much info so you're able to understand each step. She is very knowledgeable. Her location is so cute and very clean. She was very thorough with santitation with using new needles. Speaking of needles, microblading does not hurt- you are numbed throughout your appointment which really helps keep the pain to a minimum. I am now 1 year post first session and my eyebrows still look amazing. 

Katherine, Microblading and Shading client 


Carah!!! Thank you again!! You create masterpieces! I literally just put on mascara and eyeliner this morning and then BOOM! I was ready to go! I am obsessed!!!


"My brow confidence is beyond now, thank you for working your magic on me. Our chats are always so good, you're just amazing in and out"


"Hi Carah! I just wanted you to know that I love my brows!!! It feels like my face was transformed for the better. I've gotten many compliments from it. (I try to convince them to get it done)"


"I'm already getting so many compliments on my brows. Thank you sooooo muchh Carah, you're the best!!!"



I trust you! I trust you! I havent work makeup and have not felt like I needed to. Thank you! Can't wait for my touchup!


"Thank you again so much for the brows! I can't stop staring at them lol and already got so many compliments!"
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